Clean Room Upgrade for Top Northern Ireland Company

Posted: 11/3/2022

With the existing clean room facility struggling to maintain condition and operating with a large carbon footprint the client decided it was time to do an upgrade.

They ask BL to design and cost a new Clean Room facility with a view to reducing the operational energy costs and carbon footprint dramatically whilst minimising downtime of the facility.

The design included using 4 AHUs rather than the original 3, to allow for one area operating 24/7 on full fresh air to be separated out and only operated when needed.

All equipment was installed and commissioned to programme to the satisfaction of the client with energy saving initially showing a minimum 50% reduction with full year figures expected to improve on this further.

Project summary

Project name: Clean Room upgrade
End user: Not disclosed
Consultant: In house


1 No. Markeire AHU at 8.3m3/hr controlling at 21c and 20% relative humidity at 30pascals in room
1 No. Markeire AHU at 12.9m3/hr controlling at 21c and 50% relative humidity at 20pascals in room
1 No. Markeire AHU at 3.4m3/hr controlling at 21c and 60% relative humidity at 20pascals in room
1 No. Markeire AHU at 6m3/hr controlling at 21c

1 No Munters duhumifier for 20% relative humidity control.
8 No. pressure dampers to maintain room pressures
6 No. Toshiba 14Kw units for precooling and cooling batteries.

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